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  • How much does it cost to have a custom doll made?
    The price of a custom depends on the detail requests along with the amount of time and skills required to create the custom design. The price range for one doll is anywhere from $160-$500 depending on the hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and personalization.
  • How long does it take to get a custom doll made?
    Orders are generally completed with 5-7 weeks from the date the design is ordered. This time frame is for customs only.
  • What is the difference between a custom doll and a limited custom doll?
    Limited custom dolls have a set hairstyle, clothing style, and size. You can customize the color of these details but you cannot change or add to the design. A custom doll can have as many or as little details as you like. The limited custom has a fixed price that does not change, while the custom doll’s price is based entirely on the amount of detail requests.
  • How do I order a doll I’ve seen on social media?
    That may not be a possibility because each doll is one of a kind. The doll you see, may or may not have been purchased. The best way to inquire is to email us to find out if the design is available for purchase.
  • What do you mean by, “duplicates are NOT available”?"
    This means that because each doll is an original hand made design, it is nearly impossible to recreate a design. Often times certain materials and fabrics are discontinued. This makes each design that much more special and unique.
  • Do you sell patterns for your crochet dolls?
    There are patterns and courses for some of the most frequently requested techniques and designs. My Kinda Thing Crochet Patterns can be purchased via instant download in the My Kinda Thing Etsy Shop, while My Kinda Thing University Courses, tutorials and crochet-alongs can be purchased here on our website and through social media sites like: and
  • How do I gain access to your online courses?
    Once you purchase each course, you receive an email with the course outline and course material/supply list. The email also tells you how to access the videos where the content is available. You must have a valid Facebook account to access the course(s) you’ve purchased because they are conducted in closed Facebook groups open only to purchasers.
  • How long do I have access to My Kinda Thing University Courses?
    You have unlimited access to each course you purchase as well as unlimited access to the instructor as it pertains to the course material/content.
  • Do you make any other things besides dolls?
    We create unique custom keychains, little cute animals and creatures, baby blankets, and seasonal accessories in addition to custom dolls.
  • Is there a return policy on your products?
    There are NO RETURNS for custom dolls. There is however, a lifetime warranty on each custom design. If any pieces or parts are damaged (within reason) you can ship your doll back for repair. While this service is very rarely used, it is a service that is rendered free of charge.
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